Fruit Mix Up – A new challenge for sliding tile puzzlers

Fruit Mix Up is a sliding tile puzzle with a difference. Unlike other puzzles that have an empty space to move around, Fruit Mix Up gives you the full picture. You slide the rows and columns on the game table to move the tiles, as a tile moves off the end of the game table; it reappears on the opposite side.

This makes the game a physically impossible version of the classic cube puzzle (such as the Rubik’s Cube), which could only exist on a game machine. Like the cube, you need a strategy to move the tiles without disturbing the ones that are already in place.

The challenge gets harder when you only have 2 or 3 tiles left in the wrong place, how do you get these in the correct place without moving the others?


It might look impossible, but every game has a solution. In fact, you start the game with the picture complete, and watch while a number of random moves mix it up. If you have really sharp eyes, you might be able to retrace the moves and complete the puzzle really quickly.

Multiple Puzzles

Fruit Mix Up has 9 different fruit images, one is chosen at random for every new puzzle. It also has 6 levels of puzzles, with increasing numbers of tiles.

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Now available for Android devices

Fruit Mix Up is available now for Android devices. It may be installed from:

In the first four weeks since release, Fruit Mix up has had over 5,000 installs across all the markets, and is being played by over 300 players every day. Many of these players are returning users, players who love sliding tile puzzles love the original and challenging game play.

Developer Details

Fruit Mix Up is the second Android game developed by Rhames Games. Rhames Games is a one man indie games developer, based in Brighton, UK. Robin Hames, the one man developer, has over 20 years of post graduate software engineering experience, and he is a Chartered Engineer and corporate member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology in the United Kingdom.

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