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Welcome to Rhames Games, a new independent game developer. Primary developing games for mobiles and social site, e.g. Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook, etc.

Fruit Mix Up for Android

Fruit Mix Up is a sliding, wrapping tile puzzle, when a tile slides off the grid, it reappears on the opposite side. You need to work out your strategy so that you can move the pieces into place without disturbing other pieces.

Start with all the fruit in one piece, then press the “Mix” button to randomly mix up the tiles. Watch carefully as they mix up, maybe you can remember all of the moves. Now all you have to do is try to put the tiles back together again in the quickest possible time. If you can remember the moves that mixed them up, you can just work backwards until they are back in order.

Sign in with your Google+ account to share your best times on the leader boards, but if you don’t want to share, that’s OK. Just try to beat your own times!

There are no in-app purchases to worry about, just some adverts that won’t get in the way of your game. If you really feel like it, click on an ad and help out the developer.

Please be aware that, although the game is supported on Android Gingerbread, you need to be running Honeycomb or greater to see the pieces sliding nicely (the animation library used is not supported on Gingerbread).

2014-03-11 08.34.27
2014-03-13 08.45.38
2014-03-14 09.11.03

Android app on Google Play

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Pipe the Tap for Android

Look out for Pipe The Tap, an exciting, free, strategy game available on Android. Download from Google Play.

Feature Graphic 1024 x 500

Android app on Google Play

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